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Written by Administrator Monday, 02 May 2011 10:33

Welcome to City of Bristol Pipes and Drums. We are the premier Highland Pipe Band in the City of Bristol (UK). We play at a range of civic,  private and charity events both in the UK and Europe. Within this website you will find our calendar of events and all the information you will need to engage the band to play. If you are a piper or drummer, come and join our band. We welcome new members whatever your level.


Clevedon Pier Re-Opening 2016

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Written by Clive Reid Friday, 03 June 2016 08:20

City of Bristol Pipes and Drums hits the big time. On a comfortable evening at the end of a warm day, band members answered our Clevedon based secretary’s call and turned out in large numbers. There were 19 pipers and 9 drummers. It would be easier to record those who were not there than to list those who were there. The celebrations had been going on all day and we were the final performance. Timed to coincide with sunset, and after negotiating the narrow entrance two abreast, the band smoothly re -dressed in rows of three and marched out across the pier to The Scotland the Brave set. A relay of nimble Pier Volunteers lifted the pennant strings above the drones as we marched. The structure withstood our regular step without resonating too wildly! Once at the end of the pier we formed a circle and entertained an enthusiastic crowd to an excellent rendition of “Sailing”, “The Skye Boat Song Set” and the “9/8s” (Battle of the Somme, Heights of Dargai, The City of Bristol Pipes and Drums and Entry into Crater). Our return was to the “Wings” set with a final rendition of “Bonnie Dundee” when safely ashore. We led the crowds off the pier and stayed with them to watch an excellent firework display.


Pipe Major: Julian Smart
Pipers: Sandy Kemlo, Di Holl, Ian Wyllie (all from Clevedon) Andy Whitelaw, Andy Strachan, Stuart McDowall, Bill Rivett, Carol Varney, Sarah Stacey, Alan McKellar, Andy Ferguson, Andy Warn, Ryan Smart, Callum Bryant, Clive Reid, Bob Smyth, Andy Wolf, James Macpherson.
Leading Tip: Jim Macmillan
Drummers: Toby Stacey, Anthony McGrory, Adam Brown, Jasper Williams, Maxine Warn, Linsay Proctor, Mason Bryant, Louise Cameron


Newbury Christmas Lights Switch On 2015

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Written by Clive Reid Monday, 30 November 2015 22:10

For the second year, the City of Bristol Pipes and Drums turned out for this happy occasion. The weather, as predicted, was not too good. The wind blew and the rain poured. Despite that a large band assembled on time having travelled together in shared cars.

The organisers and our police escort were anxious to get us on the way and immediately after tuning and without a warm up set we were on our way leading a much depleted parade. The wind and the rain made playing and listening difficult and our street side audience was very sparse.

Despite stepping out so promptly, we were brought to a halt some way short of the city centre and we had to linger awhile in the rain. Carol and Bill wisely commandeered a bus shelter and the drum corp took advantage of the situation to do what they do best - beating a rhythmic tattoo. We were later to learn that the delay had unfortunately been the result of a medical emergency in the city centre.

We were eventually welcomed into the centre where there was a good crowd who had braved the elements. We took up our reserved position and countermarched to face the proceedings. After some, difficult to hear announcements, and an enthusiastic build up, the lights were duly switched on to cheers and drum beats. At this point our Drum Major raised his Mace tipped with a glowing florescent lighting strip and waved it in the air. I thought he was getting a little exuberant and wanted to join in the Christmas Light festivities but in fact he was calling for the band to form a circle. Fortunately most understood his intentions and we then played a number of sets. We were sheltered from the wind and piping was more enjoyable. We attracted an appreciative audience but after we finished most people quickly departed to seek a warm hearth.

Pipe Major: Julian Smart

Drum Major: Adrian Hart

 Leading Tip: Jim McMillan

Pipers: Billy Wardrope, Sandy Kemlo, Bill Rivett, Carol Varney, Stuart McDowall, Ian Wyllie, Andrew Whitelaw, Ryan Smart, Bob Smyth, Clive Reid, Sarah Stacey, Alan McKellar.

Bass Drum: Adam Brown,

Drummers:  Michelle James, Linsay Proctor, Jasper Williams, Toby Stacey, Mason Bryant


Tetbury Summer and Flower Show 2015

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Written by Clive Reid Monday, 10 August 2015 15:41

The City of Bristol Pipes and Drums were once again leading the Parade to the wonderful Tetbury Summer Show of 2015. We assembled at the Tetbury Memorial Ground to warm up and tune the pipes and while most of us then walked up Long Street some of the drummers and one opportunistic piper (James Macpherson) caught the carnival train and arrived at the iconic Market Buildings rested and ahead of everyone else!


Photograph courtesy of Adam Proctor


At 12:50p.m. Drum Major Adrian Hart led the band and the parade back down Long Street to a rousing “Scotland the Brave” under the command of Pipe Major Billy Wardrope. We entered the Memorial Ground to the tune "Bonnie Dundee" and after counter marching formed a circle while the Summer Show was officially opened. We then continued to entertain before breaking for lunch. Rolls were supplied by Di Holl and pastries by a now forgiven opportunistic piper. But before this indulgence we posed for a band photograph to take advantage of the good weather. We had a good sized band despite notable absences due to holidays.


Photograph courtesy of Adam Proctor

Later in the afternoon we paraded again and had an attentive and friendly audience in the parade arena.

Read more: Tetbury Summer and Flower Show 2015


Isle of Wight Highland Gathering 2015

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Written by Clive Reid Tuesday, 28 July 2015 20:39

The Isle of Wight Highland Games 2015 will be remembered, for Jim McMillan’s enthusiastic drive to get us organised, for the fun we had and for the rain! While we had a great day, we could not but feel for the organisers of this wonderful Charity Fund Raising Event. It was unseasonably cool and the crowds did not materialise.

A very good sized band assembled early at various bus stops and pick up points on the cold and rainy Sunday morning. The bus was late and the heating did not work. This was all despite careful detailed arrangements with the coach hire agency (Company name on request).

Once all were aboard pastries were served and the journey to Southhampton flew by. It should be said that our driver was excellent and very helpful.

We were inevitably late to Northwood House in Cowes and it was still raining! We missed the Pipe Band competition but the Bristol City Piping Quartet (Julian Smart, Ryan Smart, Billy Wardrope and Callum Bryant), the Piping Duet (Julian Smart and Ryan Smart) and the Solo Piper (Ryan Smart) took first place in each event. Well done Quartet, Duet and Soloist.

cbpd quartet 600

PM Julian Smart, Billy Wardrope, Callum Bryant, Ryan Smart The Quartet

Many stall keepers had despaired in the rain and left early but we enjoyed some splendid entertainment by the Wight Hot Pipers. Two of our number responded to a call from the stage and joined in on one of the numbers.

two andys with wight hot pipers 600

Andy Ferguson and Andy Warn guesting with the Wight Hot Pipes

At 4 p.m. we assembled for the Massed Pipes and Drums parade and the prize giving. By this time the sun was peeking out and a few loyal members of the public cheered the prize winners. We had our own loyal supporters.

crowd at prize giving

We entertained them with a few numbers and then marched off and briskly embarked to catch the earlier 5:30p.m. Red Funnel Line ferry back to Southampton. Thanks for letting us on the earlier ferry Red Funnell Line.

It is our tradition to go up on deck and play as we sail across. Bill Gass who had been a loyal supporter during the day was tempted to pick up some pipes and entertained with gusto. The Drum corp performed a solo as the cruise ship Oriana majestically passed to starboard. It is always a surprise for fellow passengers and they enjoyed the fun.

After a long, damp but fantastic day out we returned to our various drop off points. Well done Jim. You will have no trouble raising a band next year.

Pipe Major: Julian Smart
Leading Tip: Jim McMillan
Bass Drum: Adrian Hart

Pipers: Ryan Smart, Ian Wyllie, Di Holl, James McPherson, Andy Ferguson, Andy Warn, Carol Varney, Bill Rivett, Andy Thomas, Callum Bryant, Alan McKellar, Billy Wardrope, Bob Smyth, Clive Reid

Drummers: Anthony McGrory, Lynsey Proctor, Michelle James, Mason Bryant, Jasper Williams, Max Warn, Toby Stacey


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